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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shred paper documents?

Discarded paper is mined for information for identity thieves who use personal information to steal identities. Identity theft cost Americans about $56 billion in 2020, with about 49 million consumers falling victim, according to Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2021 Identity Fraud Study.

Secure destruction of sensitive material protects you, your company and your customers by reducing the risk of identity theft using information from discarded documents.

What types of documents can be shredded?

OmniShred’s high-capacity shredders shred paper, card stock, cardboard, plastic, CD-ROMs and other information-bearing materials. From one box to hundreds of pounds of paper, OmniShred’s document shredding services can keep your private information private.

Do I need to remove staples, bindings, fasteners or paper clips?

OmniShred’s industrial-grade shredding machines munch through staples, paper clips, fastenings and bindings. No need to remove these from any of your documents. Drop your documents to shred in a bag or box and bring to one of our convenient drop-off locations, or call us for a pick-up.

Do you supply containers for us to place our documents in for shredding?

Yes, we offer several sizes of secure, locked bins and cabinets to meet your business requirements. Our bins can hold as much as 300 pounds.

What is a degausser? How does degaussing work?

A degausser machine disrupts and eliminates magnetic information stored on tapes, hard disks and floppy disks. It removes data from hard drives and other magnetic media by making the data unreadable and impossible to recover.

Degaussing is recommended even if one plans on physically destroying or shredding a hard drive to provide an extra layer of protection against data recovery.

Degaussers work on hard drives in most devices, VHS tapes, LTO tapes, DLT tapes, cassettes and other storage media. They do not work on compact disks or other types of optical storage elements.


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Frequently Asked Questions - OmniShred
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